Woven labels
Qlick International offers you innovative design solutions to fulfill your label requirements at the quality and competitive pricing you need.
We offer the latest weaving technology to create consistent, high-definition quality labels, including the newest and trendiest weaves and textures in the market.
QR labels
QR labels with QR codes are used more and more and use in the apparel industry is no exception. QR stands for quick-response, a 2 dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone. This wil dirct lead to a URL/domain. Qlick International can offer a solution from the actual QR labels that are sewn into garments.  The QR labels can connect to up-datable mobile device campaigns that can be shown once the QR code has been scanned by consumers. Connecting with the final user of your product has never been easier and affordable.
Brand protection labels
As a brand owner you can encounter the next problems: Counterfeiting, Piracy and Diversion
With brand protection labels you can fight against counterfeiting:
• Erosion of brand equity.
• Loss of revenues and profits.
• Damage of reputation.
• Potential Liabilities.
• Increased expenses caused by protection, investigation and litigation.
 3 in 1 woven labels
Our 3 in 1 Woven Labels are a perfect fit for high-value garment/accessory collections. We offer the latest technology to create consistent, High Definition Elite labels, including the newest and trendiest weaves and textures to create the illusion of having 3 labels in 1.